Rainforest Being! ๐ŸŒธ

Restless, wide awake, 
Aware of the stormy tea blends, 
It’s a green, rainforesty vibe, 
Full of Heavenly descendants.. 
Some roads in this life left untouched.. 
By fearful minds, beliefs clutched! 
But anecdotes and leafy poetry read in some class, 
Mystified the essence of Venus and Mars.. 
Truth remains untold, 
no wonder its wonderful, 
To know the keys of freedom are under our clasp, 
And starry eyes need to be washed right away, 
For there are trains to board while chances last.. 
What remains of us on a full moon night,
When sky whispers melodies, 
Of colours drenched in water bodies! 
And soaring silence of a rising morning!
Breath as it goes, up and down the roots!
Being is all one can be.. 
Inside a magnificent sea!


From ‘A Periwinkle hums at Neptune dusk’ 


Northern auroras..๐ŸŒœ๐ŸŒจ๏ธ๐ŸŒฌ๏ธ๐ŸŒˆ

Dear North,

The flute of your feet calls me,
       I’d rather think of making short trips to the lands  I long for,
       Oh father! How do I tell you..
Longing is home..
This pain, intimacy carries children to other planes,
๐ŸŒ Noone belongs here..
Violin fiddles climbing to a soft corner๐Ÿ“,
Oh father! How do I tell you..
We travelled straight from the stars to write this note..
Magic rivering in veins,
A hot spring, a waterfall!
Money or plans, left out mails…
Only longing brought us all home..
Only longing brought us home!


Tea ceremony and love!โ˜•


     What is love? 
     In love with love…. 

Hidden gems, caves, cornerstones.. 
Moments shared, energies exchanged.. 
Cuddles and kisses longed for, 
Inhibitions entertained, 
confusions are clothes.. 
Patience is a bitter arrow, 
Tight rope, the tunnel is narrow..
 Loneliness and loud mind, 
Clouding and clouding.. 
We both look at the clock.. 
I dont want to let you down.. 
Is it karma? Is it guitar? 
The waters of sweet sorrow, don’t kill yourself.. 
Maybe kiss yourself..
Wings to fly, no doors, no fences  … 
Forms drowning, black and dark my destiny.. 
The womb is silence.. 
Woods, other worlds.. 
Tea ceremony and love!


From ‘A Periwinkle hums at Neptune dusk’ 

Dear Neptuna..๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ

Dear Neptuna, 
Now is spirited time and i sat up like a dream 
Wearing relaxation and some sleep in my  eyes 
Hearing emotional tunes in my ears 
Across the cumulus wavelets and starnuts.. 

Dear neptuna, 

You make small girls fly, 
little beings cry.. 
For the flowers we hold now went out already for a walk in destiny… 
& no matter how many caves i dug… 
High tides still knocked my heart .. 
and I could have said no.. 
But only turned around to see, 
this isolation was drying out, ponds and music… 

A sail, my friendly neptuna.. 
Searching for plants to fly with, Journals to draw trees, 
Laughing in your lap, 
I have come to embrace a new cycle, 
To get out of the cycle.. …. through grace!


From ‘A Periwinkle hums at Neptune dusk

Wanderer song..!๐Ÿš

Even I was trying to know, 
What more…Can be of me! 
Sun rises, sun sets.. 
Whose doors are open feel light, 
Whose closed, feel dark, dim; 
Even I hoped for my heart to change.. 
What more, speak! .. 
Can be of me, 
But nothing much it says.. 
Just a vagabond laughing, singing; 
Just a wanderer.. . 

Who knows when, 
Kalimba, uke are picked.. 
Shedding this mask away,
Who knows when, 
The road will clear itself.. 
Leaves subsiding.. 
Who knows when, 
The heart is pricked.. 
Who knows, 
Leave this kind of life someday! 
Even I wished to know, 
What greatness can I achieve , 
But realizing finally.. 
Nothing much, 
Just a vagabond, dancing, laughing.. 
Just a wanderer..

From ‘A Periwinkle hums at Neptune dusk

Excuse me, what is the time?๐Ÿ’ฎ

What is the time, you ask.. 
The time is to stop being bothered about weird people.. 
Little words, impermanent outside doll set.. 
The time is to realize, 
Beauty behind coffee coloured pale skies..

Opening eyes to stars on ground, 
Hearing life until glitter abounds.. 
The time is to open our eyes to love.. 
Feeling the magic, how life changes….


From ‘A Periwinkle hums at Neptune dusk’ 

Beyond Gravity..๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒฟ๐ŸŒณ

These canopies have grown dense overtime, 
I overheard some birds say, 
we have found home for winters’.. 
Gentle cornucopia of colors feels inviting…. 
Mysterious smoke has camouflaged both ends.. 
Not many walk this road so am glad to be alone! 
Oh! I can see a swinging bench.. 
Never knew it could communicate but it said.. 
  ‘I waited for you since a decade.. 
  You came here once, lost in the woods.. 
  And you wrote a song here..
  which everyone here sings often in delight…’ 

Suddenly divine twitched leaves, 
fell from blessed trees.. 
Fireflies and whites, twinkling lights in glee.. 
Lost in incomprehensible wonder,
Who am i? A firefly, a bench or a leaf? 
A blessing touching the ground.. 
like a deity,
Filling my eyes with liquid pearls, 
And heart whispering.. 
Guess what…

From ‘ A periwinkle hums at Neptune dusk’