Who knows where the time goes?Β 

Dearest one, 

Are you coming down yourself today? 

Little rains have begun to fall, 

Is it you through the rain?  

Rainbows resemble aurora charms, 

Has thy heart heard my tree call? 

Whispers under the enchanted sun, 

Flower worms,  pale page incantation, 

Has thy heart heard my only song? 

Of being alone in many crowds, 

Being lost in varied shrouds, 

Have you finally arrived to embrace my life..?

Garden greens have begun to play sarangi, 

Light, dark, mystic and ordinary, 

All answers, have thou arrived to culminate? 

Holding, carrying me to your library on the snowy hills, 

Where only one train passes by, 

Where everything exists, all is alive… 

The sun has set, 

               yet you shine behind cumulus clouds, 

Is the mystery of mysteries solved, love on earth evolving, evolved? 

Isolated, concealed, the lovely hidden one.. 

Flowers aglow from your downpour, 

So do i when i am you… 



Knocks of the gale..πŸ•ŠοΈΒ 

Of the glorious gods, do our hearts know not..

Hence pray for magick interventions,

Himalayan blue primulas on the hill, 

Sing of the same pleasure… 

       In trade of car and house, 

       They chose divine leisure.. 

Waking up seems a question now, 

Dreaming far about the realm we live in, 

He escorted me all the way to death, 

But i didnt even look at him.. 

     Glimpses of a life beyond life, 

     Visit often in concentration.. 

     Am i as mysterious as the miraculous…  

     Am i the stars! am i the sun? 



From the journal- a rainy night in new apartment!Β 

At the moment, am sitting on the kitchen shelf with a view of the main road. The hidden shivalik hills are formed by the light dots on the mountain tops. Rickshaws, bicycles, cars are criss crossing the wet way.. . Just a moment ago, there was electricity.. Now all is dark for another moment.. 

”Rain showers on a pretty night, 

the splash and sounds of thunder abounds, 

In ears, 

when am so aware, 

At the dusk of the moment, 

Ready to fade.. 

Eternal peace just ready to evade.. 

By passions and missions of gone and past, 

Passengers, bicycles, rhythms enhanced, 

The flowers bloom for noone or you, 

Hidden mountains show up with lights on top, 

Oh! There could be a temple.. 

Love so mothering, 

What eyes could understand.. 

Traces erased unto separation… ” 




For tensed parents… 

under the magic of new moon… Life is both morning and evening and most of the time its only ellipses… 


” Backspace to emotions, 

Come back to reality, please

Minds are such suckers, in time.. 

No you dont stop, you wont let

The pure see purity

Forever tensed or happy, forever expecting or getting hurt… 

Am myself lost, what else can i convey to you.. 

the wells of happiness are not far, 

No happening creates smiles.. 

Where we come from, is our joy… 

Tides fall and rise.. 

Tides fall and rise.. 

And we are not tides at all…… ” 



Fear of stars!Β 

Writing on a torn sheet under the only light of stars, 

Liberation tonight means being free of fear,

Reality consists of colors and spirits both,

Rainbows, our bodies..what is outside is also part of me,

Oh! A blessing travelled light years when i chose to step in your direction,

Your eyes indicate dark tunnels, mystic delights!

Godliness assembled in as many stars above,

Smiling at my dance invoking an invitation,

Its easy to walk away with the known,

Most of the roads are well travelled and revised,

Giving up obstacles, finally recognising needles and walking on roses!

I feel you around like a wind of vastness..

Maybe am scared of you, maybe am full of fear,

But dearest one, am still with you…



Music of the valley..Β 

 Hidden amidst deciduous rills, 

An Appettite for the beyond, 

A longing, so strange for a well known stranger, 

Songs well hidden in the city of flocks, 

i tread upon thorns, i tread upon rivers, 

Just a calling is enough for the shadows wither.. 

The winds respond and moon blesses ablazed

With phoenix fires,  a holy place.. 

Walk Barefoot to badrinath, 

And wonder if its even a destination, 

The snow glows from afar in a wonderdous praying, 

Nature springs from magic, 

Magic dances where it is.. 

No long can it be suppressed.. 

Timing is well, 

to listen 

to the music of the valley.. 



Something more..

Overcast sky, 

Why do you give a glimpse of the far, 

All the blessed beautitude, 

Amidst unnecessary chaos, 

One simply cant cling to the dark tales, 

No optimism and isms.. 

Charisma for life, 

Nowhere to go…

Overcast sky, 

Its the culmination of many mornings… 

Fading and fading, 

Heavy clouds, still a star shines.. 

Why do you give a glimpse of the far, 

Of the impossible .. 

What doesnt happen in this world, 

What is just superstition.. 

Which only happens beyond dreams.. 

Clouds pass away like forgotten days, 

Full moon shines forth,  full.. 

Charisma for life.. 

No hope… What is, is as it is… 

There is something more…